Mailing and Shipping

Last updated on October 7th, 2021

There are three options when shipping/mailing your calendars from the printers in New York:

  1. Pick up your calendars at a pre-arranged time.
  2. Your calendars are shipped from our printer directly to you. You will mail/distribute them locally.
  3. We deliver your entire calendar order to one of two mail houses listed below. You will work directly with them to make the necessary arrangements (schedule, payment, list preparation, etc.). If you will not be mailing your entire calendar order, the mail house ships the extra calendars directly to you.
We recommend one of the following mailing companies in the New York area. (Make sure you use the correct indicia on the back cover of your calendar.)

8 Melnick Drive
Monsey, NY 10952
Rivka: (845) 425-1776 #108
[email protected]

Star Direct Mail
408 Dewitt Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11207
(718) 257-3500
[email protected]