Product Information

  • Printed on 80lb matte coated paper.
  • Customized full-color calendars available, including full-color personalized information.
  • 32-pages [sides] - the front and back cover count as pages.
  • 13 months; September 2020 through September 2021.
  • Each month includes a unique, well-produced, and carefully chosen photograph corresponding to that particular years' theme. Our original theme for 5781 is "Amazing Synagogues Around The World".
  • Four full pages are available for personalization (2, 3, 30 and 31) plus the back cover. Our template includes optional content that you can use for some those pages. You can also add insert pages of 4, 8, 12, or more pages. Insert pages end up as the centerfold of the calendar.
  • Halachic times for your location included for free.
  • All US and Israeli secular holidays are placed on the correct place on the template. You may leave them, modify or remove them, as your situation dictates.

Advertising Space

A strip across the bottom of each of the top pages. This space is a large enough space for three (or four in the Standard size) business-card sized ads. There are extra spaces at the beginning or the end of every calendar month (every month has a minimum of four empty boxes). Most date “squares” have enough space to add multiple greeting sponsorships - including in the compact size calendar.

Standard Size Calendar

The ad strip is 2” high by 10.5” wide. After allowing a little “breathing” room for the margins, the three popular sizes are:

  1. Business card size ad (3 per month): approximately 3.35” x 2”. (You can also make them somewhat smaller and fit four business cards per month of 2.6” width by 2” high.)
  2. Half-Banner: 5.125” x 2”
  3. Full-Banner: 10.5” x 2

Compact Size Calendar

The ad strip is 1.4” high by 8.25” wide. After allowing a little “breathing” room for the margins, the three popular sizes are:

  1. Business card size ad (3 per month): approximately w 2.6” X h 1.4".
  2. Half-Banner: 4.1” x 1.4”
  3. Full-Banner: 8.25” x 1.4"

Preparing Your Calendar

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Professional Personalization

One of our professional designers will handle the personalization of your calendar. Once we have completed the layout, we will email you a PDF proof. We submit the calendar to print only after we’ve received your final approval.

Calendar customization price ranges from $300 to $500 and includes:

As soon as you’re ready to schedule your appointment, please contact us.

Self Personalization

If you or your graphic designer are Self-Personalizing your calendar, this document will walk you through the process to prepare your calendar - including all necessary programs, support files, and even a customized hands-on tutorial written specifically for calendar layout.

The "live" template file includes "00" for the zmanim (as a placeholder) until you submit your calendar for print at which time we will send you a proof with your actual zmanim inserted (based on your city and computed at

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Last updated on November 19th, 2020