About Us

Chabad Calendars is run by a graphic design firm that has been specializing in calendars since 1998. The Summer of 2020 is a 23rd calendar season!

We founded our calendar department with the goal of producing something unique, novel, and therefore memorable! Each season’s calendar project is a masterpiece on its own with a fresh design, an original custom-designed theme, and quality produced. Our calendars always leave an indelible impression on the communities that are lucky enough to have a Chabad Calendar!

Your advertisers are sure to be glad when they know that you are working not just to print and mail a certain amount of calendars, but that you are going the extra mile in order to encourage your members to hold on to your calendar, and proudly displaying it in their homes and businesses.

We recognize that an important feature you look for in a company you wish to work with is their customer service. Our promise to you is that with Chabad Calendars, you can expect and will bl”n always receive impeccable customer service! All our communication and interactions with you and/or your staff will always be courteous, professional, and responsive.