Frequently Asked Questions

Customer service

Can I change my order once it’s been submitted?
You can increase your quantity if we have extras available (we usually do, so ask!). If you decrease your quantity after the generic is printed you will be billed for them. Other changes can be made even later (such as adding or removing the envelope, insert pages.)

What is the latest date I can submit my calendar to be printed?
See here to figure out when you should submit your calendar to receive them by your desired date.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, or checks.

Is ordering restricted to Chabad organizations?
Not at all! While our initial calendar offering was created specifically for Chabad organizations, we now cater to all organizations, individuals and/or businesses including designing and publishing calendars for several diverse organizations and businesses.

Selling Ads

Do you have an AdSignup Form for selling ads?
Download this Word Document that you can personalize to your requirements.

What sizes ads should I sell on the ad strip (top pages)?
See Selling Ads.

How many ads in the empty calendar squares on the bottom pages?
Every month contains five rows of seven calendar squares each, totaling 35 squares. The amount of empty squares is determined by how many days a particular month has (28 to 31), and what day of the week it begins and ends. Two or more empty (adjacent) calendar squares can be combined to widen the space. See our “Ads Setup 5781” list of available squares here.

What format should I ask my advertisers to submit?
Your ads could be sent as a hi-resolution image 600 DPI in any of the major formats (.jpeg, .png., .tiff, eps. or PDF).

Preparing the Calendar

Do you also personalize calendars?
We offer graphic design services, click for details. Sure! We offer graphic design services to prepare your calendar to print. Click Professional Personalization for details.

Can I do the personalization in-house?
Absolutely! Several organizations find it more convenient to self-personalize their calendars. Generally, even if you (or someone on your team) is only somewhat experienced with layout programs, it will be worthwhile to at least attempt to do this yourself. Our provided innovative system makes it relatively simple for practically anyone to successfully do it. We will provide a compressed template folder with everything you need to prepare the calendar yourself, including simple instructions with screenshots, and inserted halachic times, etc. Click Self Personalization which will walk you through our Self Personalization process.

What happens after the personalization is finished?
We will email you a low-res PDF of your calendar with your included ads, photos, wishes, zmanim for your review and approval. (If you chose “self-personalization,” follow the instructions in “Finishing your calendar” here to get your calendar files to us so we can send you a PDF.) When you are satisfied with your calendar file (you may submit one round of corrections/alterations/changes) submit your approval to send your calendar file to the printer.