Why Chabad Calendars?

Chabad Calendars is run by a graphic design firm that has been specializing in calendars since 1998.

We founded our calendar department with the sole goal of producing original, quality, custom-designed calendars. We are aware that there are other calendar vendors to choose from, so in order to stand apart from the rest we change our theme each year; no two calendar projects with us will be the same.

Our calendars leave an indelible and everlasting impression on your community that your advertisers are sure to love you for - and you need your advertisers to love you!

Something your advertisers may want to know about working with us: you are working not just to print and mail x amount of calendars, but that you care enough to go the extra mile to so that your community members will be interested in holding on to your calendar, displaying it in their homes and offices.

Customer Service:

We recognize that the most important features a busy shliach looks for in a company they chose to work with is their courteous, professional and - most importantly - responsive customer service.

While we have come to expect Chabad based businesses to be somewhat lacking in their customer service, we at Chabad Calendars have always excelled in that department. Our communication and interaction with you and your staff members will always be courteous, professional and responsive.

Who We Are:

When you work with us, you will be dealing with experienced and knowledgeable professionals, who are all-year-round graphic designers and printers; this is not just a "summer job" for us. You can rest assured that your calendars are being handled by a team of experts. Each professional is familiar with and understands every facet of calendar production. This all makes for a very seamless process that you are sure to appreciate.

Let us take your calendar customization project to the next level, so you can get back to running your mosad.


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